look how long it's been, again, another ART SALE

yup that time of the year again, lots of hours at work and little time to play.

Looking through my deviantart watches, it's come to inspiration again, and it's time to sell it.

Hope to see you there this weekend at the CCAD ART SALE  Winter Edition.


Cute things are there to be had.  Some seasonal images, medium prints of work, and original silkscreens. Never know what you'll find, or what I'll make.


Art sale, no coffee and the high road of graduation

Hey guys,

it's now roughly three weeks til the final semester is over and I graduate.  Fun, Fun, Fun~!

The last couple weeks have been really super stressful, but it's all good.  Currently have five bookmark designs going on sale now, so if in the columbus area, come check out the CCAD art sale.  Tons of vendors by students and faculty.   I will be selling the bookmarks and tons of prints, and will have an update to the site shortly as well.   Directions is coming around the corner too!  Oh boy! Looking forward to that.

Well, to everyone out there, best of luck in your endeavours!




Winter Cold and cosplays

Hello all, it's been a while hasn't it?

Currently in my last semester and doing fine.  The job hunt is still on and I'm working towards improving my portfolio.  There are new images in the galleries, a few new character designs in the Digital, and a new silkscreen in the Traditional, so check them out!  Will soon be posting more sketches and doodles from my sketch book, so look forward to that.

It is almost the end of January, and that means it's time to battle the cold with the cosplay.  Ohayocon is this weekend, and I'm super excited.  This year, I'm dressing as Kirenenko from Usavich, and Link from the Legend of Zelda, got my picture taken last year, so I hope to have the same this year. When cosplaying, be sure to dress appropriate for the weather...  I usually end up freezing, but tis the life of a nerd, bringing a coat this year!!!


Love you all!


All Hallow's Eve

Guys, it's cold today, so bundle up and enjoy the perfect chilled air.

Today is the Eve of Halloween, are you guys going to pass out the goods, or do I have to come and find you? :D

It's too bad I live in the big city, I always enjoyed passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. But this year, I don't think I will be passing out that candy, they don't dress up around here anyways! 


Going to the Big Boo tomorrow night and enjoying the holiday with my friends and loved ones, hope you do too!!


-see yah!


Intership fair

hey guys!  it's been a while, this is Lauren!  <3

School has been hard, but boy is it paying off!  the character designs are getting better and you can check them out in the Digital Gallery, shoot me an email or sign my guestbook and tell me what you think!

The Internship Fair is happening soon and I'm getting my name out there with my business cards, website and portfoilo.  Wish me luck you guys!!!



- much love

<3 <3 <3